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Cruise Week Ship Charts

New to Cruise Week--We present data, as compiled by Cruise Week Correspondent Art Sbarsky, on all the ships of all the major lines of interest for North American agents. Please click on the link for ship statistics you would like to view. You can see statistics for ships in each line's fleet by clicking on the line of interest. After you've finished with each chart, please use your browser back button to return to this page.

The information for each line/ship includes:
--The month each ship entered service for that line. The four ships coming out later this year are included but are not used in calculating averages.
--Total months in service as of June 2009.
--Guests (lower beds)
--Guest/Crew Ratio (lower bed guests/crew)
--Space Ratio (based on lower beds)
--Total Guests
--Total Rooms
--Outside/Inside (outside numbers include suites, balconies, etc.)
--Handicap Accessible Rooms

1 144 ships are listed by cruise line; the four ships coming out later this year are listed but are not included in each line's average.
2 Only ships in service as of June 30, 2009, are listed. The averages at the bottom are based on 140 ships.
3 Averages are done by line and then totaled up for 20 cruise lines and 140 ships.
* Fun Fact-- If there were an average ship, it would be 78,00 tons and in service for 91 months, carry a crew of 822 with 1,920 guests in lower beds. It would have a guest to crew ratio of 2.2 and a space ratio of 42. There could be a total of of 2,363 guests in 953 rooms, 98 of which would be suites, 418 would have balconies and 17 would be wheelchair accessible.

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